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Flash Back
$ 30 00
Android Root
$ 25 00


Why Choose Us?

We offer the best flashing solution. Our flashing service is done remotely over the internet on your computer. Have Your phone Flashed and working in Minutes. Our Flash's are 100% Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!

What We Offer

  • We Flash All The Newest Models
  • Remote Flashing Service
  • Live Customer Service & Support
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • We Root Phones Also

How It Works

  • Order the Flashing Service
  • Follow Setup Instructions
  • We Setup Our Flashing Software
  • The Flashing Process Begins
  • We Make Sure the Phone Works!
  • Flash Complete!!!

Free Page Plus Services

  • Free Account Activation
  • Port Your Number to Page Plus
  • Free ESN Changes
  • Check Your Account Status
  • Validate Your ESN #
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What is Flashing and What is Remote Flashing?
What Does "Flashing Your Phone" Mean?

“Flashing” is a term used when you convert/modify a phone from one carrier to use it with another carrier.

What Does Remote Flashing Mean?

Same as above but we have simplified the process to make it most convenient for the customer. Remote Flashing is the process of flashing your phone over the internet using your computer. This is done by using remote desktop software that allows Us to flash your phone over the internet on your computer. You will never need to take your phone to cell phone shop or mail it anywhere. This is the Fastest, Safest, and Most Convenient Way to flash your phone hands down.

To see exactly how the flashing process works step by step please check out the "How it Works" section.

If Your Ready to get started and flash Your phone to Page Plus go to the "Get Started" page.

Flash Your Phone to Page Plus

Page Plus is a BYOD (Bring your own Device) Wireless Carrier. You can use 100's of different phones on page plus, some need to be flashed and some don't. To see if your phone is supported for flashing go to the "Phone List" to see.

We offer Awesome Remote Flashing service to get your phone working on Page Plus in just minutes. We offer 2 flashing options: The Full Flash to Page Plus and the Half Flash. The Full Flash option will give you Talk & Text, 3G Data, and MMS Picture Messaging. The Half Flash will only give you Talk & Text features. The Most popular Flash to Page Plus is the Full Flashing Service and its Only $45. We not only flash your phone to Page Plus but we will also change the phones on your Page Plus account for you if needed. If you don't have Page Plus Service Don't worry, We can get you setup with a new Page Plus account and New Phone number. If you need to Port your existing phone number to Page Plus we can do that for you as well. We Provide all these Convenient Page Plus services for you for No addition fee.

Get Started Now and Choose the Full Flash to Page Plus or the Half Flash to Page Plus on the "Get Started" Page.

If your a little confused still and want to see the step by step process check out the "How it Works" Page.

Flash Your Phone to Cricket?

Cricket is a very popular pre paid wireless service provider that allows you to bring your own device. We offer flashing service to Cricket on 100's of phones. For a list of phones we flash to cricket check out the "Phone List".

We offer 2 Flashing service to cricket, Half Flash and the Full Flash to cricket. The Full Flash will give you Talk & Text, 3G Data, and MMS Picture Messaging. The Half Flash is Talk & Text Features only. Our Remote Flashing service to Cricket is Quick and simple and you can have your new phone working on your Cricket service in no time.

To see how the Flashing Process to Cricket works go the the "How it Works" Page to see detailed steps in the flashing process.

To Get Your phone Flashed to Cricket Now go here: "Get Started"